PocketSeat Inflatable Stadium Cushion Reviews and Testimonials

rangers-mc-130– “I’m in the military and use my PocketSeat on the transport plane.  It’s small, tucks away easily, and saves my ass I’m telling ya!”

– “I use my PocketSeat as a laptop pad… to keep the hot underside of the computer away from my skin.  It works like a charm.”

– “I order these things every year.  I’m in a wheelchair and use them every day all day.  They take a beating and hold up for a very long time.”

– “My doctor gave me one after I had colon surgery.  It sure did relieve that especially tender area of my body during my recovery.”

– “I used the PocketSeat to ease my tail bone pain after the fall I took roller skating with the kids.  What a difference it made!”

– “My tour guide recommended I get one of these for my African Safari trip.  The jeep rides are particularly harsh on your rear end and this little cushion really did the trick.”