Questions and FAQs About PocketSeats

How much weight can the PocketSeat Hold?

The PocketSeat has been tested successfully to 265lbs.

Why is there a hole in the middle compartment?red-9x13-pocketseat-inflatable-stadium-seat-cushion

The center area of the PocketSeat is designed to not inflate. We call this the center air-release chamber. This prevents the cushion from rocking when fully inflated.

Can I re-use the PocketSeat?

Yes, It is completely reusable. Keep it handy so you have it whenever and wherever you need it. Use it again and again at sporting events, around the house, while traveling, etc…

Can you print logos onto the PocketSeat?

Yes, custom printing is available. Contact us for pricing. Minimum Order for customization is 3000pc and Production Time runs 60-90 days days.

I’m blowing my hardest, why wont it inflate?

There is a valve at the base of the nozzle. This valve prevents air from escaping too quickly. Simply squeeze the bottom of the nozzle, the valve will open and the air will flow freely.

Does the PocketSeat Self-Inflate?

No, the PocketSeat requires manual inflation. 1 or 2 puffs of air by mouth will fully inflate it.